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Sunetric in the Press

Business Leadership Hawaii 2009 Finalist

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunetric would like to thank Pacific Business News and its sponsor committee for selecting Sunetric as a finalist in both the Best In Business IIand Innovative Company of the Year categories of Business Leadership Hawaii 2009.

Be Green 2: Hydrogen Fuel Plant Run By Solar Power

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This photovoltaic solar panel array was created by Sunetric.  It is powerful.

“It’s 146 kilowatts.  It’s made up of about 810 180 watt panels.  It’s enough to power about 30 to 35 homes,” said Sean Mullen of Sunetric.

And there may be a time when the solar energy does just that. 

However, the primary use for the electricity created by the solar panels is here at this hydrogen producing plant. 

Using renewable energy to create alternative energy.

“It’s all about renewable energy and alternative fuel,” said Tom Quinn from High Technology Development Corp.  “So we put in a hydrogen production station out there three years ago and now we’re powering it with renewable energy sources.”

The hydrogen that is created in this plant has a practical application.

“The hydrogen is used to power electric drive vehicles, whether they be fuel cell vehicles or internal combustion engine vehicles burning hydrogen,” said Quin..

The hydrogen plant was developed through a cooperative agreement between the state’s center for advanced transportation technologies, a division of the high technology development corporation – and the Air Force. 

The vehicles Quinn mentioned include this SUV. 

Filling it up is as easy as pulling in to your corner gas station. 

When the solar panels aren’t producing energy for the hydrogen plant, the energy doesn’t go to waste.

“The beauty of it is also when the station, they hydrogen station, is not operating – that renewable energy from the solar array actually feeds the base grid so they benefit from that,” said Quinn.

The savings will amount to nearly $43,000 a year. 

Civilians can see the operation during the Hickam open house this Saturday.<br/><br/>Watch Kirk Matthews and Sean Mullen as they talk about the Hydrogen Fuel Plant run by solar power on KHON, Channel 2.

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