Be Green 2: Sunetric’s Power Plan for Non-profits

<a target="_blank" href="">Watch</a> Sunetric's Alex Tiller as he talks with Kirk Matthews about Sunetric's Power Plan for non-profits on KHON, Channel 2.…read more

An Easy Way to Go Solar

My wife Beth-Ann and I started Sunetric – now Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated solar energy company – five years ago. We started it with a mission for people to embrace renewable energy and to be cognizant of living a “green” lifestyle. During these five years, we have had the distinct pleasure to help…read more

Innovative Company of the Year Finalist

Sunetric helps its customers finance solar projects As the recession restricted his customers’ budgets, Sean Mullen moved quickly to help offset the costs of the pricey solar-energy systems his company designs and installs. “When it got hard for people to secure financing, we thought, if the banks aren’t going to lend them the money, then…read more

Kailua company adapts quickly as it follows the sun

In the five years since Sean Mullen launched his solar energy company, the business has found success in Hawaii’s commercial and residential markets and saw revenue grow to $30 million last year. Kailua-based Sunetric designs, develops and installs solar photovoltaic systems and solar hot water heater systems for customers across the state. The company, with…read more