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Sunetric in the Press

Solar-energy business remains bright even as economy dims

Monday, March 22, 2010

  <em>Steve Karagan joined Sunetric as its chief operating officer last year after consulting for the Kailua-based solar energy firm since late 2008. 
<br/> He is responsible for the accounting, human resources, operations and I.T. functions for the 6-year-old company, founded by Sean and Beth-Ann Mullen as Suntech Hawaii.
Sunetric designs and installs residential and commercial rooftop photovoltaic systems. It has approximately 80 employees and expects to increase staff by 20 percent this year.
Karagan previously was a financial consultant in New York City and before that was assistant vice president of finance at Moody’s Investor Service. The Iowa City native graduated from Boston University with both bachelor’s (English literature) and master’s (organizational policy) degrees.</em><br/><br/> How our company is dealing with the financial realities of 2010: We are fortunate in many ways because solar energy saves people money as well as improves the environment, so for the most part solar remains a solid investment during these economic times. Even though the solar industry and our company have shown stability, our management team has spent considerable time recently to define our corporate vision and strategy, and restructure our organization. In addition, among several other initiatives, our company has also focused our product offerings. More importantly, we have refined our value proposition to our customers. In the areas of accounting and finance, we have concentrated primarily on three areas: relentless attention to costs, a new budget and planning process to facilitate success as well as measure progress, and increasing the frequency and granularity of management financial reporting. Additionally, we try to keep perspective and manage our lean team with realistic goals and objectives.<br/><br/> Web sites I check each morning in addition to my own: The Wall Street Journal, SunPower and Photon.<br/><br/> iPhone or Blackberry: iPhone.<br/><br/> Reading material on my night stand: “Solar Revolution,” by Travis Bradford.<br/><br/> What I do to unwind: Gym and friends.<br/><br/> Best trip I ever took: Hmm, maybe Morocco, but probably Greece.<br/><br/> My greatest extravagance: Cleaning service.<br/><br/> My favorite fictional character: Gulliver.<br/><br/> One thing that most people don’t know about me: That I’m funny.<br/><br/> If I could have any other career: Star athlete.<br/><br/> Click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> to read the article in Pacific Business News. 

Golf cart goes green with roof-mounted solar panel

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A $3,000 donation enabled the Maui Waena Intermediate School security guards to attach a solar panel to an electric golf cart. The school’s 16-member robotics team got tremendous support from Sunetric Capital, an Oahu-based company that helped them in purchasing the solar-roof panel from GreenCarts. Now the guards do not need to charge the cart electrically every night.

The retrofit includes attaching a photovoltaic-charging system to the golf cart, and some paintwork, of course. Now the cart will go on to save 250 pounds of coal annually. While running on renewable energy, it will also reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 500 pounds.

The “green” golf cart continued to operate without an electric recharge in the first month and a half of use.

Click here to read the article via Green Diary.

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