What happens when Sunetric Evaluates My House?

Are you thinking about getting solar for your home?  When you schedule a FREE solar evaluation from Sunetric, a trained representative will evaluate your home, its electric use and suggest to you a few financing and solar PV installation options according to your needs and your budget<br/><br/> A home survey/consultation will take anywhere from one to three hours depending on how much information and education you would like to receive. <br/><br/> A home evaluation takes about an hour and includes a detailed drawing of the entire roof surface of the area, an inspection of the home’s electrical system and detailed photos of the roof, the electrical system and the grounds surrounding the home.  It is always good for the homeowner to be present for questions during the home inspection. <br/><br/> After the inspection comes the consultation where the Sunetric representative explains to you how solar works, how it is attached and feeds the home, the details of the purchase and the long term environmental and financial advantages.  This will take anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours depending on how inquisitive and curious the homeowner is, and how through the Sunetric representative is as well.<br/><br/> We recommend to each customer that they block out at least a couple of hours of the day for the evaluation and consultation.<br/><br/> To schedule your evaluation please click on this link.