How Much Sun Does a PV System Need?

This is an excellent question. It’s no surprise that we have no shortage of sun in Hawaii, but you may be surprised to learn that a PV system does not necessarily need direct sunlight in order to be effective. All it really needs is daylight. Even if you live in the shadow of a hillside…read more

Employee Profile: Jane McKee

As a full-service renewable energy firm, Sunetric has its own specially trained installation team, and safety is absolutely vital to our PV installation process. Jane McKee knows the importance of safety — from Oahu’s rooftops to its 6-foot waves, she possesses an intuitive knowledge, foresight, and care that make her the perfect Sunetric Safety Manager.…read more

Kupu and Sunetric to Train Youth to Install Solar Panels

Kupu is proud to announce its partnership with Sunetric, Hawaii’s largest solar installer, to train under-resourced young adults to install photovoltaic panels as part of Kupu’s pilot Urban Corps program. Urban Corps is a free job training and service learning program that seeks to equip corpsmembers with the experiences, education, training, and support needed to…read more

And the Prize for the Highest Electric Rates in the US Goes To…

Would you believe it’s Hawaii? That’s right, folks — in the Aloha State, a tropical paradise where the residents live in eternal summer amidst palm trees, sun-kissed beaches and the warm blue ocean, residential utility customers pay a whopping .29c per kilowatt hour for their electrical power, the highest electric rates in the country. Commercial…read more

Congratulations! Gabriel Chong Acquires NABCEP Certification

We are very proud to announce that Gabriel Chong, Sunetric Engineer and our Lead of Residential Operations, has earned his NABCEP certification. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, is the “gold standard” for PV and solar thermal installation certification. Designed to raise industry standards and promote consumer confidence, NABCEP offers certification and certificate…read more

Solar Legislation Update: Your Democratic Action Needed!

In recent months, the Hawaiian state legislature has seen a number of misguided efforts to balance the local budget by slashing funding and tax incentives related to alternative energy programs. Though the proposals may appear to save money in the short term, the long term effects are devastating — home- and businessowners are disincentivized to…read more