Solar Adds Up: $125,000 Saved Since 2009 on Hickam AFB

This photo is of the monitor on the solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Facility that we installed on Hickam Air Force Base two years ago: At 26¢ a kilowatt hour (the current electric rate), Hickam have saved over $125,000. A happy customer and a perfect example of just how much solar can save! See how much…read more

Sunetric a Finalist for APEC 2011 Hawaii Business Innovation Showcase

We are honored to be among the thirty finalists considered for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2011 Hawaii Business Innovation Showcase, a program created by the APEC 2011 Hawaii Host Committee to exhibit local businesses while the APEC Leaders’ Week is in session in November. As Hawaii’s Solar Authority, we are proud to be an important…read more

Facts on PV Panel Manufacturing

Solar energy has more potential applications than any kind of renewable energy. As air and water pollution continue to be a problem from coal burning, gas, and nuclear power plants, the use of photovoltaic panels could have the biggest impact on abating pollution problems globally. Yet most of us don’t know how PV panels are…read more

Kiana Wilson is the Winner of the Recycle Energy Scholarship!

In March, we announced the Recycle Energy Scholarship with our partners Lex Brodie’s and GreenFleet Hawaii. This weekend, we were incredibly proud and excited to award our winner, Kiana Wilson, with a $1,000 scholarship check for her to employ as she begins her career to environmental technology and alternative energy. Kiana’s scholarship application was tremendous.…read more