Pacific Business News: Letter to the Editor: Sunetric makes honest mistake

Honor and integrity are integral guiding principles at Sunetric. As the company’s CEO, I feel it is equally important to step up and assume responsibility when a mistake is made.

Earlier this year, we mistakenly submitted our 2011 sales figure of $132 million instead of our revenue figure which is $42 million, for PBN’s annual survey of photovoltaic providers. Both figures are important in measure success as revenue indicates last year’s results and sales is a good indicator of forthcoming revenue.

Fortunately, our ranking was based on the accurately reported installed kilowatts metric, and not financial measures. It is important to use that we don’t misrepresent ourselves, or our industry, so I want to personally take this opportunity to formally apologize to the team at PBN and to the paper’s readership for the error. It was not intentional. It was genuinely a mistake which I am deeply embarrassed by.

In 2004, Sunetric was founded on the belief that people should leave the world a much better place than how they found it and that the company would strive to build a more sustainable, energy-independent future for us all. We are devoted to these ideals and believe our values contribute to our rapid growth and continued success. Sunetric is continuing to blaze ahead as the industry leader here at home and now on the U.S. Mainland. No matter how big the company gets, or how far it goes, Sunetric will continue working to make the world a better place, which includes being the first to admit when a mistake has been made and then setting forth to correct it.