House Bill 2417 Detrimental to Growing Hawaii Solar Industry

Sunetric rallies with fellow solar companies in opposition to HB 2417

Kailua, HI – Sunetric, Hawaii’s leading solar design and installation company, joins fellow local solar companies and renewable energy organizations in their opposition against House Bill 2417, which will limit the number of claimable renewable energy technology system tax credits. Sunetric employees will be joining industry representatives in opposing HB 2417 which is scheduled to be heard by the House of Representatives’ Finance Committee at 2pm today.

“At a time when Hawaii’s solar industry is expanding, House Bill 2417, in its current form proposes changes that are too abrupt for both residential and commercial customers,” said Sunetric CEO Alex Tiller. “Additionally, reducing the impact of renewable technology credits will negatively impact future investments by residents and local companies in renewable energy.”

House Bill 2417, House Draft 1 currently proposes to do the following:

  1. Limit the claimable tax credit for each subject tax map key\
  2. Allow nonresidential tax map keys to claim a tax credit instead of commercial properties
  3. Change the tax credit cap for photovoltaic solar energy systems on each nonresidential tax map key number to $1,500 per kilowatt for the first 300 kilowatts and unspecified amount per kilowatt for the next 4,700 kilowatts

“We are just now getting traction and becoming successful in reducing this state’s dependence on imported oil, and the result of being successful in our efforts to date has been explosive job growth and increased tax revenues to the state. This proposed legislation is contrary to two of the state’s most important goals,” said Tiller.