Hawai’i Is Set to Surpass Its Clean Energy Goals!

In 2008, the State of Hawai’i launched an initiative called the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI) with the goal of reaching 70% clean energy by 2030, 30% of which would come from efficiency measures and 40% from locally generated clean energy sources.

Just last week, in a Pacific Business News article, HECO announced that it is surpassing the state’s goals for producing energy from renewable sources. In it’s second quarterly earnings report, HECO proudly proclaimed that 18% of the energy it is producing is from renewable sources. This is 3% more than the HCEI benchmark of 15% renewables by 2015.

HECO’s Big Island and Maui subsidiaries are leading the way with nearly 50% of renewable energy generation on the Big Island and 28% on Maui.

HCEI Goals and Progress
HCEI Goals and Progress

In October of 2012 HECO announced a move to make it easier for homeowners to install smaller PV systems. After studies showed the relative predictability of PV systems with generating capacites of 10mw or less, HECO felt comfortable increasing the number of such smaller systems on a given circuit without having to do an interconnection study. This has led to wider and faster adoption of PV systems in residential neighborhoods across the state.

There has never been a better time to go solar. With the state speeding towards its renewable energy goals, generous tax credits still in place for homeowners and the price of solar lower than it has ever been, it’s a perfect time to go green and join the renewable energy movement in Hawai’i. Sunetric is a committed steward of Hawai’i’s renewable energy future. With the best product, customer service, and engineering in the business, we continue to be Hawai’i’s Solar Authority.