Hawai’i Second in the US on the State Solar Jobs Map

The Solar Foundation recently released a new state-by-state map of solar job creation in America. With a smaller population than many states in the nation, Hawai’i nonetheless managed to rank 2nd, above California, on the total jobs per capita in our solar industry! Second only to Arizona, Hawai’i’s solar industry supports 1,600 jobs, and the top 3 solar subsectors by employment are ranked as 1) installation, 2) sales and distribution and 3) project management.

[The Solar Foundation](http://www.thesolarfoundation.org)
The Solar Foundation

With the top ranking for electricity price in the nation and the 5th highest ranking for solar resources, Hawai’i is an ideal location for solar power. There has never been a better time to go solar. State and federal tax incentives are still in place for now, prices of PV systems are at an all-time low and Sunetric has years of experience as Hawai’i’s solar authority under its belt with the most qualified and professional staff in the islands ready to assist you with your process from design through installation and maintenance.

Solar jobs are clearly good for America with solar still among the fastest growing jobs markets in the U.S, despite weathering an economic downturn. Sunetric is a committed steward of the clean energy economy and we believe that Hawai’i can continue to be a leading example for the rest of the United States as we aim to increase solar energy production nationwide into the future.