Hawaii Voters Smile on Solar

Hawaii is crazy for the sun, it seems. Not only does Hawaii get a greater percentage of electricity from solar than any other state, almost all voters in the Aloha state — a full 96% — support solar as an energy source, according to a survey conducted for The Pacific Resource Partnership and the Sierra Club of Hawai’i.

96% of Hawaii voters support solar energy solutions

Hawaii voters, in fact, are significantly more supportive of solar than the rest of the country: A Gallup poll conducted in March found that 76% of Americans want the U.S. to put more emphasis on solar production. That’s still a strong number, but not as close to unanimous as Hawaii’s results.

Here are some more findings from the survey:


The Sierra Club of Hawai’i also collected over 900 names on a petition in support of a modern, clean energy grid in Hawaii and delivered it to Representative Chris Lee. According to the Sierra Club, Lee responded by saying, “We’ve heard it loud and clear from voters that they want to install solar. The Legislature is committed to looking at policies this year that overcome current hurdles and ensure that our residents can continue to go green and save money with solar.”