Solar Wins at Super Bowl XLVIII

MetLife Stadium
Photo Credit: picturesofyou- via Compfight cc

The turf isn’t the only thing that will be green as the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos face off in this year’s Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Green energy will be a star player in the game’s environmental program; New Jersey utility Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G) will be purchasing solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) to offset the energy used to power the big event.

For every megawatt hour of electricity used by the stadium itself—plus a host of peripheral facilities, including the teams’ hotels and an attraction-laden “Super Bowl Boulevard” in New York City’s Times Square—PSE&G will purchase and retire one renewable energy credit (REC) on behalf of Super Bowl XLVIII. The credits will include enough New Jersey solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) to equal a four-week output at Kearny Solar Farm, a solar farm built on a former landfill located about 10 miles from the stadium. Additional RECs will be purchased to source power from the Jersey-Atlantic City Wind Farm, New Jersey’s largest commercial grade wind farm.

“By purchasing wind and solar RECs locally PSEG has added more value to this project,” said Jack Groh, Director of the NFL Environmental Program. “In addition to providing green energy, purchasing locally puts money into the local economy and can help finance construction of additional renewable energy capacity in the region – something that will have a lasting impact beyond Super Bowl XLVIII.”

Part of that legacy includes improved air quality for the next generation of athletes – something every community should be excited to support. No matter which team comes out on top on Sunday, the event will be a win for solar and renewable energy.