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Commercial Solar with Sunetric

Security, Stability, and Success

For the better part of the past decade, Sunetric has been a leader in solar. We are responsible for 40% of the net-metered photovoltaic installations in Hawaii, and along with RGS Energy, have installed 260 megawatts of solar to date for more than 25,000 happy customers in a range of industries across the United States. We have helped to build the solar marketplace and continue to thrive inspite of economic downturn.

From Hawaii to the Mainland, Coast to Coast

Sunetric is growing, and with the recent acquisition by RGS Energy, our expanded operations now include CA, CO, CT, MA, MO, NH, NJ, NY, RI, and VT. Our nationwide footprint and wide-ranging experience make Sunetric an unmatched solar authority.

Commercial Projects in Every Industry

Sunetric’s years of experience and top-notch staff make for wide-ranging expertise. From roof-mounted photovoltaics to ground-mounted solar farms, we’ve been there, done it, and done it well. Here are just a few of our projects.

Car Dealerships

Honda Windward 142.9 kW non-penetrating roof-mount

King Windward Nissan 114 kW non-penetrating roof-mount


Kona Commons 803 kW non-penetrating roof-mount

Hotels & Resorts

Wyndham Kona Coast Resort 1.2 MW roof-mount

Apartments & Condos

Kukui Plaza 200 kW roof-mount

Industrial & Manufacturing

PVT Land Co 53.8 kW cantilevered structure with PV

Tori Richards 133 kW penetrating roof-mount

Inter Island Solar Supply 61 kW penetrating roof-mount

Kona Brewing Company 228 kW penetrating roof-mount


Wilcox Memorial Hospital 504 kW ground-mount

Schools & Colleges

Waialae Elementary School 133.5 kW penetrating roof-mount

Solar Farms

Kalaeloa Solar Farm 5.9 MW ground-mount


D. Otani Produce 223 kW non-penetrating roof-mount

Y. Hata 600 kW penetrating roof-mount

Highly Regarded

Sunetric has grown from our home in Hawaii to now offering world-class solar expertise across the nation with the acquisition by RGS Energy. With more than 260 megawatts installed, 25,000+ happy customers across all industries, and PV installations completed for every branch of the military, our work has earned fair praise.

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