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We Are Your Trusted Solar Authority

Sunetric has been working since 2004 to bring photovoltaic installations to thousands of homeowners who have enjoyed greatly reduced—and sometimes completely eliminated—electric bills.

The sun—our most reliable source of clean, renewable electricity—shines bright above us every day. Sunetric solar photovoltaic systems capture the sun’s energy and turn it into clean and reliable electricity for your home, saving you hundreds of dollars or more every year and reducing your environmental footprint considerably.

Highly Regarded

Sunetric has grown from our home in Hawaii to now offering world-class solar expertise across the nation with the acquisition by RGS Energy. With more than 260 megawatts installed, 25,000+ happy customers across all industries, and PV installations completed for every branch of the military, our work has earned fair praise.

First in solar since 1978

We’ve accomplished a lot since Sunetric was founded in 2004, starting out as a humble but dedicated business operating out of the founder’s home in Hawaii. Today, as part of the RGS Energy family, we now boast an even more impressive PV installation portfolio, including:

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