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Net Metering

Augmenting grid power with on-site PV, businesses can harness the power of the sun. Any excess energy is pushed back into the grid and stored as credits with the utility company. Depending on system size and energy needs, a property’s utility bill can be reduced or eliminated entirely.

Save Money With Net Metering

  • utilize every single watt of energy your PV generates
  • potentially eliminate your electric bill
  • building owner owns PV system
  • immediate savings on energy bill
  • energy savings for 30+ years
  • a $500K–$600K capital investment

How It Works

When the sun shining bright during the day and your solar panels are generating more energy than you’re using, you ’deposit’ energy in the power grid. At night, you withdraw—and the extra energy you generated during the day is ‘rolled over’ into your account at no cost.

At the end of the month, if you deposited more electricity than you used, you’ll receive a credit from the electric company. If you used more than you deposited, you’ll receive a bill.

Who Can Use Net Metering?

In Hawaii, not all solar systems are eligible for net metering. The current size limit on net metered systems for HECO, MECO, and HELCO is 100 kW per meter, and for KIUC it is 50 kW. Electric utilities are only required to offer net metering until total net metered capacity is equal to 1.0 percent of peak demand, half of which is reserved for systems under 10 kW and half for systems between 11 and 100 kW (11 to 50 kW on Kauai).

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