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Suniva’s Impressive List of Certifications

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

As the first Elite Suniva dealer in Hawaii, Sunetric is proud to highlight Suniva’s extensive and impressive list of certifications. Suniva has achieved the most module relevant certifications in the industry.

It’s important to note that Suniva passed salt spray certification: IEC 61701. This certification involves a salt spray corrosion test that simulates a coastal environment. It’s a crucial certification for solar panels that will be anywhere near the ocean, which is especially relevant in Hawaii! This certification (available for both Sunpower and Suniva modules) subjects modules through six levels of severity. Both Sunpower and Suniva are tested to Severity 6.

Mitsubishi solar modules, on the other hand, are not certified to any level of Salt Water corrosion testing. In fact, the following language is taken directly from Mitsubishi’s installation manuals:

Corrosion warning: PV module shall not be installed in corrosive area like,
  • Salty area: area where salty water such as ocean spray comes in direct contact with the module…
Note In case of installation in Asian countries, PV module also shall not be installed in corrosive area where within 500m from a body of salt water and/or area where salty wind hit directly.

We know our customers do their research and so do we. Sunetric is proud to be able to offer the highest quality solar modules available, and Suniva’s vast list of module relevant certifications is just more evidence of our commitment to quality.

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